Ryan Lake, owner of a 16’ Greenwood Prospector – “…I had the privilege of talking with Bill Greenwood at a YMCA sponsored canoeing course. There wasn’t much that man didn’t know about canoe building. He spoke emphatically about the importance of “tumblehome” for seaworthiness. Seaworthiness was tested beyond any reasonable expectation in my canoe, (named) Gently.  If Gently could tell stories from the ensuing 30 years, what stories she could tell: bone aching cold on muddy portages around the Bowron Lakes right after break-up; beaver, moose, caribou, and charging grizzly bears; fly-casting for huge rainbows on Hunter Lake (for which my son is named); salt-water surf and fresh run Coho; family excursions across the South Arm to Alaksen Wildlife Refuge; an ill-advised group run-down the Squamish in freshet after which Gently was the only canoe not swamped or capsized; we finished, through the worst rapids, with 6 people on board! 30 years ago I could jog down a portage with 130 pounds of canoe, paddles, and gear on my shoulders. Now I am one of the Gnarly Old Dudes of Steveston. Gently has taken her lumps, too, but she is in better shape than me. She always was prettier. Bill Greenwood’s spirit lives on in Gently, in all his surviving canoes, and in the hearts and memories of all who paddled and continue to paddle his craft.”

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