Paul Dampier, owner of a 15’ Greenwood Standard, 16’ Greenwood Standard, and an 18’ Greenwood Prospector – “… I found the receipt for the last canoe your dad made. He in fact had sold it to another fellow, but this person, for whatever reason, cancelled the order once the canoe was built. My wife, Judi, knowing how much I wanted this canoe, then gave it to me as a wedding present.”

My father was the Godfather of the Dampier’s eldest daughter, Paige…

Paul continues “Your dad thought Judi and I were crazy to ask ‘an old man like me to be a Godfather’. We are so glad he consented when we nevertheless insisted, and it is the one time that I came out on top in a debate with Bill!

Your father taught me many things. For sure I learned from him some skills connected with woodworking and how to construct things, but it was later on that I also appreciated the quiet lessons he offered me on Christian charity. There were many nights at Elphinstone when we bunked together, and this provided an opportunity for us to have worthwhile conversations before nodding off. This is the reason I was wanting Bill to be our first-born’s Godfather.

Your dad also had a good sense of humour. He had to in order to put up with the antics of those of us from the Y-camp who knew so little about anything, but were assigned to work on various projects with him.

…We all recognize that your dad left this world far too early, and it is good to again be able to share our loving feelings about him.”

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