Liz Prosch, owner of a 16’ Greenwood Prospector – “We purchased our Greenwood canoe in the summer of 1973. We remember that when we went to the workshop, we had an opportunity to look around a little and Bill Greenwood was working on a canoe. He was attaching canvas with tacks and he had a mouth full of the tacks he was using. We were hesitant to engage him in too much conversation for fear he might choke on a tack!

Our Greenwood canoe has been a memorable part of our family life. Our daughter, Anita, was eight years old and our son, Norman, was not quite five when we began canoeing and camping regularly. The Greenwood took us safely on many trips, including the Bowron Lakes when it was about a year old. We would have to be absolutely destitute before we would sell our Greenwood!”

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