Ken Barry, owner of a 13’ Greenwood canoe – “… I love my Greenwood canoe. Made in Vancouver in the 70's by a very old, crippled on one side Mr Greenwood. He was very actively working on new canoes with one arm and one leg partially stroke impaired. It did not impair his generosity or enthusiasm. We got a tour of his really interesting shop on the banks of the Fraser in the shadow of the mill… all the molds were well used and the shop was very settled in with deep layers of shavings on the floor … it was amazing and I remember flashes of it, long steam tubes, the weeds surrounding it, small worn paths between the buildings. There were about four assistants, they were really coordinated as we got to watch them bending the steamed ribs into the mold. It was great teamwork, the ribs were in and clamped in relatively no time, the ones that weren't yet ready went back in the ends of the steam tubes to heat longer, others then selected and bent in place and clamped. Bill Greenwood worked right alongside them and we were just dumbfounded enough and couldn't even say anything even stupid...he had been crippled for a really long time…The canoe I have is a 13' he said I'd have to wait for the 15 or 16' I wanted, but this customer wasn't happy with this one because it's too short, and it is, but perfect as a 50 pound solo canoe and in very calm water, two people, freeboard about 6" then…. I loaded it on the panel truck and away to the wilds of BC we went...canoed a couple of lakes, then off Vancouver Island...”

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