Jim Kinzel, Greenwood Canoe Company employee 1969-1971 and owner of an 18’ Greenwood Prospector – “I bought an 18’ Prospector from him in 1969 for $425, paddled it for a summer, and that fall, with no experience or tools, signed on for $1.50 an hour… There were 3 of us, Bill, George Fletcher, and me. We averaged 80 canoes a year built in batches of 6 (about 70 to 80 man hours a boat). We used first-growth cedar planking over Sitka Spruce ribs (airplane grade, 9 rings to the inch). Stems, keels, and seat slats were oak. Decks, gunwales, thwarts, and seat risers were Philippine mahogany. Any wood-canvas canoe will turn my head, but the lines, construction, and finishing of Greenwoods outclassed any wood-canvas production boats (Peterborough, Chestnut, and Old Town) that I have seen. My 18’ Prospector which I still have will easily pack half a ton and has taken me through some pretty bad slop in the open salt chuck. For a time I used a 3 hp Seagull on a home made mount (I don’t recommend it). I also rigged it for sail with lee boards and it was scary fast…The Greenwood experience was pivotal in my decision about where I wanted to live (on the coast near the water) and what I wanted to do (work with wood).”

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