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greenwood canoe company

On the day I was born, the doctor’s first words to my mother were, “Well, you didn’t get a boat builder this time… It’s a girl!” As it turns out he was right, I am not a boat builder. I am however the proud daughter of one. My name is Susan Greenwood, the daughter of Bill Greenwood, founder of the Greenwood Canoe Company of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I created this website to honour the memory of my father and his legacy.

Although the Greenwood Canoe Company ceased operation in 1975, it continues to surprise me how many of these watercraft are still in use today. I am hopeful this website will serve as a resource to owners, paddlers, and others looking to learn more about this highly revered boat builder and canoe craftsman.

For Dad…

A Canadian West Coast Legacy

William Edward Greenwood